About global medicine

Global Medicine is launched by a 2nd-year medical student in the Osaka University to make a change in this closed and exclusive medical industry in Japan.

I assume a root cause of the problem is derived from mental barriers between Japan and foreign countries, which is built up by language difference.

After I lived in some foreign countries, I learned that people have s different way of thinking or sensing, but have only influences of geographical and environmental difference.

However, language is fundamental and it requires us an exposures at the site with much time and cost to overcome it.

Therefore it is medical students to make a change in this situation who have time to broaden their perspectives and to remove their stereotypes on other countries, in order to promote globalization and open innovation of Japanese medicine.

This website attempts to provide the feeling of closeness towards other medical students to acquire global view of standing through following two contents:

1. Japanese translation of blogs or essays of foreign medical students  on my arbitrary pick-ups
2. English translation of blogs or essays of Japanese medical students on my dogmatic pick-ups

I would try to translate naturally to clearly grasp what they think and learn, and feel closeness. Because of it, I modified some expressions, also following to medical system in Japan.

All the articles are used with permission of its attribution.